Benefits of Socialization

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How Coburg Village Active Seniors Can Take Advantage of Social Activities

A senior couple at Coburg Village Farm Fest with balloon art.

Coburg Village Farm Fest was very entertaining last summer.

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Socializing is a key role in maintaining health and wellness. As a matter of fact, maintaining friendships and social activity promotes longer, healthier lives. It ranks top along with exercise and diet. Residents at Coburg Village, a senior living community near Clifton Park in Rexford, NY, come into contact with peers on a regular basis and have a calendar of events and activities to choose from which keeps their socialization opportunities abundant. (You can always access the current calendar from the homepage.)

Three ladies talking and sipping on their drinks.

Always up to something – at Coburg Village.

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Maintaining emotional health and connectedness is an important benefit of socialization. Staying active with peers who share your interests promotes fulfillment and increases self-esteem. Individuals who stay active remain not only healthier but happier than those who do not. Active, socially engaging environments, like those at our senior living community in Rexford, help residents retain a general sense of purpose. There is ample opportunity at Coburg Village to meet new friends and connect with peers of the same age who share your opinions and values.

Two senior men sitting with their canes, chatting.

The gentlemen always have something interesting to discuss.

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The additional physical activity that generally accompanies a more social lifestyle can increase mobility and enable senior adults to continue doing routine activities almost twice as long as those who are not socially active. Research shows that even socialization without physical exertion has equal health benefits to exercise. This is largely due to the general feeling of being worthwhile that follows the lifestyle. Being more socially active enables seniors to gain strength and endurance. As a result, they may soon find that they have more energy and increased independence.

A senior couple smiling at the camera during a party.

Enjoying the party together!

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Another key benefit to maintaining a social lifestyle is a delay in memory loss, as reported in The American Journal of Public Health, July 2008 issue. “The working hypothesis is that social engagement is what makes you mentally engaged,” said Lisa F. Berkman, the study’s senior author and director of the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. Social interaction actually preserves brain health!

Senior lady getting her nails done.

Getting a dose of beautification is always good fun!

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If you are looking for ways to socialize more, take advantage of the things going on around you; join a club, check your local paper for events nearby, reconnect with an old friend, sign up for a course. Socialization is a key benefit for choosing your senior living community near Clifton Park. Events and social gatherings are planned throughout each month and it is easy to join in when all the fun is right in your neighborhood!

Two ladies talking in a foyer with holiday decorations.

This is how we chatted during the holidays.

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Depending on the season, you can remain active and explore the Adirondacks in the fall, go on a winter trip to your favorite location, or partake in some of the summer events and festivals around Rexford, NY.

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