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What's Happening at Coburg Village

The Creative Crafts Corner

Residents Veronica Casano and Mary Zak paint in Coburg's Creative Corner

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Wellness is defined by the National Institute of Wellness (NIW) as an active process through which people become aware of and make choices toward a more successful existence. A focus on wellness is important at any age and is linked to staying healthy both mentally and physically.

Coburg Village independent senior living offers a variety of services and amenities designed to help seniors achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

Hanukkah, or Chanukah, is a Jewish festival that lasts for eight days and commemorates a historical event that took place in Jerusalem in the second century BCE (before the common era) when King Antiochus outlawed Jewish practices, and his army defiled the Jewish holy temple in the city. Hanukkah is a “festival” rather than a religious holiday.

In December 2020, Coburg Village lost a treasured member of our community, Pastor Arthur Downing.  Pastor Downing served as part-time pastor at Coburg Village from 2000 until 2020. He was there for anyone who needed him. He was filled with compassion and grace and served as an incredible source of comfort to our residents, their families, and our staff.

On Saturday, November 13th, Coburg Village held a memorial service celebrating Pastor Downing’s life.

Veterans Day is a day set aside to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of all United States veterans. But do you know the history behind this patriotic holiday?

Throughout Veterans Day week, Coburg Village honors our veterans with a display and an annual Veterans Day Program coordinated by residents Viola Bramkamp and Harry Spindler. The Veterans Program, which is open to residents, includes poems, a performance by Coburg’s choraliers, presentations about the Purple Heart and military service, and patriotic music; ending with the sounding of Taps.

Frances “Fradel” Cohen had always been the family historian. In 2006, she and her husband, Bill, moved to Coburg Village. Shortly after, she joined Coburg’s monthly writers’ group. The writer’s group so enjoyed her first story that she decided to finish the stories stored in her memory and jotted down on notepads. Frances enlisted the help of her daughter, Marilyn Cohen Shapiro, an author, columnist, and blogger. Marilyn is also a frequent contributor to the Jewish World.

Residents at Coburg Village bring a lifetime of fascinating and diverse experiences to our independent living community. Most have had a positive, if not life-changing, impact on the world around them. That certainly can be said of Grace Jorgensen Westney, MD. In fact, Dr. Jorgensen has impacted the lives of the approximately 10,000 babies she delivered into the world, their families, and countless others at Bellevue Women’s Hospital in Schenectady.

When we think about aging gracefully, many people will focus on things like staying physically fit, healthy diets, and good lifestyle choices.  But if that’s all we’re focused on, we might be missing the biggest piece to enjoying a full and vibrant senior life: spiritual wellness.

Over the past year and a half, the connection between nutrition and immunity, specifically in the relationship with Covid-19, has been a hot topic. If you are on social media, there are posts about it; it’s been in the news; and the topic of conversations. The constant barrage of information can be overwhelming and confusing. So, is there really a link between healthy eating, immunity, and overall wellness? This blog provides an overview of the micronutrients and vitamins that foster a health immune system.

Coburg Village Welcomes Reverend Patrick Mohan Singh and Deacon Glenn Schermerhorn

Coburg Village is delighted to welcome Reverend Patrick Mohan Singh and Deacon Glenn Schermerhorn to its pastoral care staff.

Do you have an upcoming organizing challenge or clutter removal project?

Getting organized and eliminating clutter may initially seem like an overwhelming task, but with the right strategy in place, it can be as easy as 1-2-3.

Coburg's Residents’ Association has nearly 30 different committees to choose from, including an artisans group, book club, choraliers choir, sewing group, greenhouse group, and recreational writers group – just to name a few. New residents are encouraged to attend our quarterly Coburg Resident Committees Fair to learn more.

Coburg Village is proud to unveil its newly renovated main dining room which is renamed 46 & Birch. The new dining room opened on June 7, 2021 for residents. 46 & Birch is the largest of three dining rooms available at Coburg Village. Find out more about the significance of the new name. In April, we reopened the Bistro Café for dine-in service and continued our takeout and tray delivery options. We will soon roll out plans for the former buffet-style dining venue.

Restaurant-style dining is just one of the many services offered to Coburg Village residents.

Studies show that human connections are one of the secrets to healthy aging. Socialization can improve one's sense of well-being, decrease cognitive decline, eliminate depression, and even help prevent disability from chronic disease.

Meet Leah Scisci, personal assistant and founder of Mind the Errands. LLC. Her errand and task completion service is helping seniors remain independent and in enjoying life.

On March 9 and 10, 2021, Coburg Village in Rexford, NY, hosted a second dose COVID-19 vaccine clinic for its residents and community members who received their first vaccination at Coburg Village.

Coburg Village is a part of The Lutheran Care Network a ministry of healing, hospitality and community through partnerships in caring. The Lutheran Care Network is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of seniors.
  • Coburg Village is a part of The Lutheran Care Network a ministry of healing, hospitality and community through partnerships in caring. The Lutheran Care Network is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of seniors.