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What's Happening at Coburg Village

The Creative Crafts Corner

Residents Veronica Casano and Mary Zak paint in Coburg's Creative Corner

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On Tuesday, April 16th, eighty Coburg residents attended a Model Seder open to residents of all faiths. The gathering was organized by residents Natalie Oshins and Reeva Nowitz. The word ‘Seder’ means ‘order’, and is called such because the story being told follows a certain order that takes the participants through The Exodus from slavery to freedom. Participants at the seder read from a special book called ‘The Haggadah’, (‘the telling), and these symbolic foods are put on the Seder Plate, which helps to tell the story ....

In February, we celebrate American Heart Month. It's a good time to increase awareness on ways to keep your heart healthy. Coburg Village Nutritionist, Lora Hyde, explains how what you eat can improve your heart health.

At Coburg Village we want residents to live their best life. This is why we are so excited to introduce our Thrive! holistic wellness program. A focus on wellness is important at any age and is linked to staying healthy both mentally and physically. Thrive! focuses on the whole person, including your emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social well-being. When all these dimensions are in harmony, you are too. Read more about our Thrive! Holistic Wellness Program.

Hanukkah, or Chanukah, is a Jewish festival that lasts for eight days and commemorates a historical event that took place in Jerusalem in the second century BCE (before the common era) when King Antiochus outlawed Jewish practices, and his army defiled the Jewish holy temple in the city. Hanukkah is a “festival” rather than a religious holiday.

November is a month during which many people take time to pause and reflect on the things for which they are most grateful. It’s fitting that on November 11, Veterans Day, we recognize and thank the men and women who served in our armed forces. If not for those brave soldiers, we would not enjoy the many freedoms we have today as United State citizens.

There are many reasons why people choose to live at Coburg Village – bright spacious apartments and cottages; a monthly calendar filled with countless social, wellness, educational, and entertainment programs; our array of services; and the delicious dining, just to name a few. Once they move in, most will agree that one of the greatest reasons to live at Coburg Village is our sense of community. Our active Residents’ Association is one of the reasons for that feeling of community.

Shenendehowa High School junior, Casey Gao, reached out to Coburg Village offering to share her artistic talents. It was decided that our Fitness Center would be the perfect spot for a mural. Casey's mural, which features bright hibiscus flowers and hummingbirds, is her original design. She started the project by sketching out various concepts at home. She wanted to create something bold and colorful, including local flowers and birds. In nature, the hummingbirds would all be just a little smaller than the flower. Casey added some visual interest painting the birds in various proportions.

Coburg Village resident, Doris Carlson, shares her experience about making the move and living at Coburg Village.

Resident, Frank K., shares his thoughts about life at Coburg Village after his first three months of living at the independent living, retirement community.

Coburg Village's Recreational Writers committee is open to all residents who enjoy writing. The group meets the second Wednesday of the month in the Coburg Village card room at 2 pm. Each month there is a different topic. Members are welcome to share their stories or may just listen and enjoy. Stories are selected to appear in the Coburg Scribe a biannual publication of the Coburg Recreational Writers.

Good friends are good for your health. They can help you celebrate in good times and offer support in bad times. Friends prevent isolation and loneliness. Studies show adults with strong social connections have a reduced risk of many significant health problems, including depression, high blood pressure and obesity. In addition, adults who have meaningful relationships and social support are likely to live longer than their peers with fewer connections.

Meet Earl St. Onge, at age 102, this inspirational WWII Veteran and musician is still delighting listeners with his music. On Sunday, October 30th, Earl was joined by friends and fellow musicians Sara Milonovich, John Kirk and Trish Miller, and Greg Andrews for a jam session at Earl's home at Coburg Village.

Being a senior can be a wonderful time of life!  Live it fully!  Enjoy family, friends, music, books, theater, walking, dancing, or whatever rocks your boat. Coburg Village Resident, Meda Rigatti, shares the joys and freedoms of senior life.

Wild Women Walking is a lighthearted poem written by resident, Meda Rigatti. It is about her morning walking group at Coburg Village.

Coburg Village extends a very warm “thank you” to Linda Estes of Clifton Park for the generous donation of her handmade dollhouse. The meticulously decorated dollhouse is on display in the Coburg Village Rotunda across from the Country Store. Linda is a close friend of Coburg Village resident, Dolores Lambert.

Coburg Village is a part of The Lutheran Care Network a ministry of healing, hospitality and community through partnerships in caring. The Lutheran Care Network is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of seniors.
  • Coburg Village is a part of The Lutheran Care Network a ministry of healing, hospitality and community through partnerships in caring. The Lutheran Care Network is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of seniors.